22 June 2017

B.SLADE #ALRIGHT2016 (Official Music Video)

The Mechanics of Oppression

"The mechanics of oppressing people is to pervert them to the extent that they become the instruments of their own oppression."

--Kumasi, activist, gang member, from the documentary Crips and Bloods:Made In America

10 June 2017


Texting and instant messaging are the easiest and quickest forms of communication.  You don't even need to type a full sentence. I have friends in Oman, Turkey, The U.K., Paris, and Sydney Australia that type paragraphs everytime they text me, a few times a month.  It's easy to message people  'to say hey wassup', or to  respond by giving  a simple 'thanks' .

If you can't even text a few words, then just admit you don't want to have anything to do with that person.

03 June 2017

Universe Be Like

Yo I heard you like growth
so I put some challenges on top of your
challenges so you can grow from your
challenges while you grow from your