25 May 2017

What makes you happy? 

A coworker and I were talking about happiness, and I told  her the things that would make me happy.
I said,

For my doctor to be pleased with the improvement of my Hga1c reading
For me to be married. I have a fantasy of my wife and I being awakened in the morning by our kids, wanting to say happy birthday or happy mother's day or happy father's day.
I also have a fantasy of coming home to my daughter wanting to show me what she learned in ballet class of school, or my son who reminded me that I promise to take him to the batting cage; things that others would consider mundane but would make me very happy.

She said that my happiness seems to be dependent upon other people, and that happiness is in inside job.

I've always been told that happiness is an inside job.  I guess. I don't know. That's what makes me happy.

I'm curious; what makes you happy?

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