17 May 2017


Interesting, because  while I like being alone but I also hate it. I know it's contradictory. I was at a social event this evening, and the friend of mine that was there and didn't know anyone besides me and the host, had engaging conversations with multiple people at the party, and exchanging contact information, and though it was killing me that I wasn't making any connections, I didn't even try. I only chatted with the host and his wife. They spoke to me; I didn't have to come up with anything creative to say.  I was asked to arrive a couple hours early to help with the cooking ( I barbecued all the spare ribs and even baked a cake). I expected the spare ribs and the cake that everyone ate till it was gone, would have been a conversation piece, but it wasn't.    I'm  introverted  and don't want to be.

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