16 July 2016


 i want a party; a period at the end of a sentence; a large condo with a huge master bedroom, a large kitchen, and large dining room to feed people homemade savory food, homemade french pastries and other baked goods; a woman i love to whisper to me that she loves me just the way i am and that  i am her man. at age 19 with raw skills and talents- i was ok with shooting myself in the foot, sitting down and saying "that was fun." yet a hunger growled...if i missed the mark by this much i'd miss the moon.
thus, with a BS in management and finance, twenty-plus years of employment in the banking and insurance industry and a resume that would cause most to question my sanity- i have admittedly accepted that perhaps, i will not emerge from this life at the oh so pearly gates clear of charge. instead, full of scars, a chronically single man with a thick body, grey hair dyed black, and eyes that gleam & sparkle of abundant passion and hidden loves. i can accept that. i can accept and await the joy hidden in that path. God-willing, i have a long way to go. with lots to do. and i need more answers.

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