29 September 2015

Amin Payne • SP555 Live Set • LeMellotron.com

Amin Payne - Saffron - full album (2015)


I had every intention of having a kick ass adventure and life in Oregon
when I arrived here 8 years ago today,

but it’s not going as planned--

not for lack of trying.

my eyes were opened to the reality of Portland life:

 I had to lower
 my expectations.

Then I had to lower them
Then I had to lower them

Then I had to lower them


I had to lower them again.

Now I’m just going through the motions of working to save enough money to afford to escape every now and then,
or until I can find a job far away from here, 
or working just to pay the rent and other bills until  it’s my turn to die,

or until I can afford to live out the rest of my days in Paris.

27 September 2015

Agape Love

it occurred to me recently that there are people that I love that are not deserving of my love.

i don't love them for their sake;  i love them for my sake.

as a Christian,

i'm inclined to love everybody.

while nothing says i have to like them,

i do love them.

05 September 2015

Herb Alpert - Keep Your Eye On Me (Manic Mix)


I’m in love with literature; the reading and the writing of it.  I try to read and write for one or two hours every day. I only have one life to live, but in literature I can live a thousand lives.   
 This is one of my creations, a novella called Medicine For The Nightmare, on Amazon Kindle Desktop Publishing. You should check it out!