10 August 2015

Plans for the week

  •  Avoid this blog-no one will know I haven't posted anything this week.
  •  Don't bake anything-people tell me ad nauseum that I should start business yet none of them are buying anything.
  • Clear my facebook page of 'friends' I haven't heard from in years.
  • Clear my phone contact list of people I haven't heard from in years. 
  • Adhere to my diet.
  • Though I have no one to work out with, pretend I have a local friend who will push me to work out harder and longer.
  • Reduce my tv intake to 2 hours ( 90 minutes  next week, and an hour the week after) and have it as background noise while doing something productive rather than sitting down to watch it.
  • Get to bed early.
  • Work on my short story the wrong door.
  • No procrastinating.

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