11 June 2015

This weekend

You should keep yourself company sometime.

I'm going to keep myself company this weekend.

I don't have any baking projects this weekend (yet), and I didn't reserve a car. I'm going to:
  • catch up on some sleep, 
  • enjoy the sunshine and the heat and walk a few miles instead of walking on the treadmill in the gym,
  • return a few phone calls,
  • find an inspirational story and send my nephew the link to it,
  • find a restaurant in town with a healthier menu,
  • visit a different coffee shop conducive to relaxing and reading and writing,
  • continue editing my novella The Elliptical,
  • work up the outlines for the novellas  Slits 4 The Eyes, Gunshot Theory, and NumbMachine,
  • and maybe write a poem if God puts one on my heart for me to dictate.

What are you going to do this weekend?

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