21 February 2015

Mariah Carey- Never Too Far Away

Ill Communication

By the way,
if when you're socializing with someone and they're on their phone the entire time,  listening to voicemails, returning phonecalls, texting or responding to texts, but when you're elsewhere and you call or text them and they take hours or days (or weeks in some cases) to respond to your communication every single time, they obviously don't hold you in the same high regard. 


19 February 2015


i would be a more effective person over all, and i would enjoy life even more if i didn't care about the opinions of other people.

16 February 2015

for real tho

Some people can't recognize things of value if it's in front of their face. They can only realize it from a distance after they've pushed it away....then they want it but it's too late.

--alex george

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God lover here. My nom de plume (alex george) is also my birth name, just recently discovered. When I'm not being frisked by the police, I'm trying to bounce 12 balls in the air at once- Love, Truth, Giving, Charity, Faith, Humour, Humility, Coping, Resilience, Fairness, Sadness, and Happiness, all while breathing and living as best a Christian life as I can. I have no time for hatred, whining, fake people, liars, indifference, those without any passion, or goals. I try my hardest to surround myself with people who will push me and inspire me to be a better person, and I’ll return the favor.

15 February 2015


Don't play what's there, play what's not there.

--Miles Davis

02 February 2015

said mrad - oriental lament

This song was playing in Kmart today, of all places. I loved what I was hearing and I pulled my phone out of my pocket and accessed the Shazam app to find out what I was listening to.