18 January 2015


Sometimes we're loyal to the wrong people.

Someone called me at a quarter to twelve last night. I recognized the voice, but since the number wasn't in my contact list, I asked who it was, just to be sure. It was the person I thought it was was.
He said : I should have popped up in your caller id.
I said: Not if I removed you from my contact list.
He said : Why would you do that?
I said: You always call me to pick you up from the airport, everytime you go out of town, at the last minute- when everyone else says no,and I live far from the airport, and I have never said no. And I never charged you anything.  The one time I needed you to pick me up from the airport because I missed the last train and I didn't want to pay the shuttle 50 bucks plus a tip, and I called you. You said no. Not because you had something else to do. You said you didn't feel like it.  I knew at that point that our friendship was one-sided and you were benefitting.
He said: So I guess that means you won't pick me up from the airport tonight?
I told him to hold on so that I can disconnect this call.

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