25 December 2014

Never piss off a writer

As an aspiring poet and short story writer, I'm fond of reminding people: Never piss off a writer. A writer can immortalize an enemy by killingly them gruesomely, lingeringly, before lots  and lots of readers.

(It's very satisfying.)

I'm working on a novella  called The Elliptical. Someone I loved who had been cruel to others turned their cruelty my way and shook me up and broke my heart. I'm still shaking about it (and having shed quite a few tears).
What she did was give me the ammunition needed to turn this story around and make it more powerful than I ever imagined.  And when it's published via Amazon Kindle, people will basically see her for what she is in doors- the complete opposite of the Christian she claims to be outside.

The problem now is, I'm overwhelmed with so many ideas of torture and I don't know which one to use. I know I don't want a quick death.  She was good at telling certain people  'you don't deserve to die quickly. You deserve a slow death to the point that you beg to be put down.'   

 Yes, she said that.

That's the kind of punishment I will implement.  Something nice and slow.

Stay Tuned

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