11 November 2014

Bon Anniversaire

Thanks for all the kind messages and wall posts. It's amazing how quickly time flies.

Another year has passed, full of interesting challenges and triumphs. A test of character, old friends, new friends, a tighter budget, more smile lines, gray hairs. The setbacks and the come-ups. The breakdown(s) before the breakthrough. lol Thank You, God, for every single one of them. And thank You for the people you constantly work through to teach me, acknowledge me, love me, inspire me, chin-check me, stay with me, or leave me in order to make me into a better version of me.

It's all worth it just to say I'm still here and I ain't been licked yet -- that I've  lived another day and for the feeling that I could likely survive anything. I receive it, gratefully.

Happy Birthday To Me!

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