01 October 2014

97 times

In looking at the labels of my blog postings over the  past 4 years, I see that what I've written about mostly  was love. With this posting, love will have been the subject 98 times, which makes sense. Love has been illusive to me personally since I moved here, but I'm all about it. I live vicariously through other people. The poems I have written within the past 5 years have been written based on past experiences-what it felt like to be loved and to be in love.  Or future experiences-what I want it to feel like. Out of frustration I once wrote a poem in which some of the lines went like this- I will not again write about the story of love until I am the main character. I've never posted it because I really am all about it and I remain hopeful. In the 10 days following my move from Milwaukee Wisconsin, 4 friends who don't even know each other-a coworker, a woman at church, a friend in Silver Spring Maryland, another friend in Houston, all said the same thing: "Alieux, God said your wife is waiting for you in Portland."  If one had said that I would guess they were saying it to make me feel better about my leaving my safety net of family and friends, but 4 different people said that, almost verbatim. I'm inclined to believe them though it begs the question, where is she?

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