20 September 2014

One of these days

Imagine for the past 4 to 5 years you go on a stage in front of your friends once or twice a day for about maybe 30 minutes each time, and you're performing. You're either singing, or reciting poetry, reading an essay, or playing an instrument. There are about a hundred or more people in the audience. At each performance. ninety-nine percent of the audience is not paying attention to you. They're on their phone , texting, or talking on the phone, or reading a book, or doing whatever. Only one percent of the audience is listening to you and applauding you. But, you try to make sure to attend every one of their performances, and you make sure they know you were there and that you're interested in what they have to say or do.
                  You get to a point where you realize that people aren't interested in anything you want to share. Maybe two or three people.

                That's how I feel about the things I share on this blog.  I do love the creative outlet that blogging provides, but one of these days I will be gone from the blogosphere and the aforementioned will be the reason why.

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