05 August 2014

Another great weekend

 My friends Kahiro and Joseph and I were going to go to the beach  (Seaside Oregon) to attend the annual volley ball tournament  and relax on the beach,(our third year going)  but my friends got the weekend wrong, and as we were trying to think of how to spend the day, Caroline called  Kahiro minutes later, asking if he wanted to go to Multnomah Falls. He asked if he could bring two friends along and she said yes.    It was a great day.
Joseph, Caroline and me

Joseph, Caroline and me

Joseph, me, and Kahiro at the Columbia River

 Kahiro, Caroline and me

Joseph and me.


Dawna said...

What lovely pictures!.. looks like you all had a great day. The falls look gorgeous too :)

Alieux (Daij) said...

Thank you! yes it was a really great day!