21 July 2014

10 or more random things about me

  1. During my youth my birthday was always celebrated three days after what I thought my birthday was and my mother isn't sure of the date; now I celebrate both days.
  2. I play Igor Stravinsky's Rites of Spring in its entirety once a day.
  3. I feel more liberated with my writing when either Igor Stravinsky, John Coltrane, Miles Davis or      Prince circa Around The World In A Day is playing in the background.
  4. I'm not Muslim, but I pray every morning kneeling on a prayer mat a Muslim friend sent me from Iran.
  5. The coffee I have at home, I get regularly from a friend in Turkey.
  6. I bought 10 4-packs of the soap and shampoo I used when I was in Paris, and I ran out last year. I have a friend who regularly mails me the soap because the smell reminds me of Paris.
  7. I still alternate between liking Halle Berry and Salli Richardson-Whitfield more.
  8. Whether I talk too much or not has alot to do with whether I feel I will be critiqued  harshly or not.
  9. I'm intentionally nicer to people who don't like me ( my philosophy is 'how can you be mean to someone who treats you nice?').
  10. I used to want to visit Australia but after having lived in Oregon I have no desire to go there.
  11. I would rather be at work than at home unless I'm sleepy.
  12. I have sleep paralysis at least once a week and when the paralysis is over I'm afraid to go back to sleep.
  13. Though I'm a Christian, there's a part of me that believes I was here before and that my life was the exact opposite, and that this life is my punishment. That is why I try to be as nice as I can to everyone so that my next life will be my reward.
  14. Between love and money, I would chose love everytime.
  15. Only God knows my biggest fear. I won't even say it out loud, but I pray about it every day.

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