28 March 2014

18 March 2014

Her own force field


Open me up anywhere you wish
Take out anything you like
Seal me up when you're through
Leave a little room for surprise

10 March 2014

Frederico ( 50 words )

My friend  Frederico recently told me that he wanted only to be friends with people in his engineering network.  But then his fiancĂ©e found out he got her sister pregnant and she kicked him out the house. When his engineer friends said no,  guess whose door he  knocked on?

09 March 2014

My mom (25 words)

 " If I ain't found a man to treat me right by now, the hell with it. You and my daddy are the only good ones. "

Yohannes (10 words)

Yohannes said he would die for her, and he did.

08 March 2014

Henry (75 words)

When he died  everyone assembled at his mother’s house after the funeral  to fellowship and talk about how good a man he was.  Everyone had wonderful stories to tell, and I wondered who this man was they were talking about. They couldn’t have been talking about my father;  was this the same man who  poisoned me and who bent me over an ironing board  beating my ass immediately after my  mom went to work everyday?

07 March 2014

Friday Flashback


can you love deeply or is your loving just on the surface? and do you take advantage of those who love you because you know you can?

Oliver's House

03 March 2014

Resistance (50 words)

I’m sorry, but you don’t just slip and fall in love with someone. While in a relationship and you think there might be sparks between you and someone else, you need to walk away, in the opposite direction-that is, if you intend on being with the one you’re currently with.

The first thing I remember learning (50 words)

The first thing I remember learning was how to feed my sister and to tell time. “ When the little hand is on 7 and the big hand on 12, put your sister to bed and you go to bed yourself,” my mom said to me.  I was almost 4.

02 March 2014

Adina (25 words)

Adina  knew they wouldn’t last when he wouldn’t hold her after she awakened from the sound of her  screams. So she returned to his father.

Busta Rhymes & Q Tip

My rhymes create life, like the birds and the bees..
Make Funk Master Flex say Yo I'm Feeling These

Natalia (75 words)

Natalia admitted getting in her own way in the past, but it took a few beat downs for her to realize she needed to be the driver of her own journey and that no one could do it for her.  So, even though , to use her mom’s phrase  she didn’t have two nickels to rub together, she mustered the strength to  walk  away from  a man who said no one else would want her.