30 January 2014

Just sayin'

Though I respect a persons right to be tenacious, I also reserve the right to say,"No," without explanation when asked to do something. To ask,"Why," means the person felt entitled to a,"Yes," in advance of asking for your input/participation/assistance, which is really arrogant. I don't feel the need to make up stories or give a dissertation when my time,energy,or means are being requested. My ,"...No," doesn't make me parsimonious or cruel either. What it does indicate is,at this moment in time that I am declining your request, and the reasoning, (unless I choose to disclose it)is really none of your business. I firmly believe that some people #need to hear,"No." "I respectfully decline." "Not at this time." Or as Alice Walker taught the world to say with Sofia as the vessel," #HELL_NO!"The comedy of this coin, is that when a request is made of you,and your answer in the affirmative, people rarely ask,"But why?" Mmmmmm hmmmmm!

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