16 December 2013

Beyonce- Blow

  Your thoughts?


Dawna said...

Hmm.. i'm not keen on this one to be honest Alieux. Not loving the video, they've overloaded on the hypersexual stereotype til it becomes un-sexy imo. Maybe the aim is to provide something for everyone? someone used the phrase a race to the bottom today.. I may feel differently tomorrow, but I doubt it...btw.. I like Beyonce.

Alieux (Daij) said...

Dawna, you and I are in agreement. It's a bit too ratchet and hypersexualized for my taste. This is on Rihanna's level, and I thought Beyonce was better than that, expecially since she's established enough not to have to go to this level. I want to like this because I love her, but I can't.