30 December 2013


If you love me 
 ( or like me at least a little
 as a human being
you will know how to reach me.

 I will do less
of the reaching.

 If you suck at it-
               you won't know the difference.
 If you're good at it,
 you won't know the difference either
 ( since you're good at communicating).

                                                     And I'll start today, 12/30/13


   sometimes i wonder if i'm asking the right questions.

Question of the day

Are you the type who adds friends on Facebook but you have no desire to have anything to do with them (based on the fact that you have never liked or commented on any of their postings, you haven't responded to or liked  any comments they've made to your postings, and you haven't responded to any personal messages that they've sent you) ?

I ask this because Adolf Hitler had millions of followers, and Jesus only had 12.

29 December 2013


He who restrains his words has knowledge, And he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding.

A fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; When he closes his lips, he is considered prudent. ...-Proverbs 17:27&28

28 December 2013

Note to self

If a person is conscious of the fact that everything that happens to him is for his good, he experiences a taste of the Next World. We think we know what is good for us and what will make us happy, but G‑d ultimately knows better. I’m pretty sure that if you thought about it, you’d agree that some of the things that you considered negative in your life ended up being the threshold to something wonderful. --Rebbe Nachman

Song in my head--

23 December 2013

Maybe next year

Time for a party with family and friends and my Turkey and dressing, candied yams, sweet potato pie, cakes, and contributions from my sister and others (though I’d gladly cook everything), with Sounds of Blackness and the soundtrack to The Preacher’s Wife playing in the background—

Well, maybe next year. I’m going to my best friend’s Deaconal Ordination in Los Angeles in early January so I have to count my coins.

This year (unless one of my local friends invites me to their home) I will be feeding the homeless in the morning and I’ll go home and roast a Cornish game hen with Garlic and Rosemary, make some dressing, bake some macaroni & cheese, make some collards- maybe even chittlins to snack on throughout the day (and through new years eve), treat myself to a movie ( anything other than Madea’s Christmas) in the evening, and iron my clothes for work the next day.

21 December 2013

Random acts of kindness are the only acts of kindness worth a damn. Surprise someone today. Surprise yourself. Constantly   - Alexgeorge

Christmas gift suggestions

To your enemy, forgiveness.

To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.
    --Oren Arnold
 A coworker gave this as her reflection just before our staff meeting this morning. I loved it and had to post it. This is a repost.

18 December 2013

Song in my head

Note to self on being grateful

-I know a few people worse off than me- some people who'd love to walk in my shoes.

17 December 2013

You'll know it when it arrives.

SOMETIMES friendships and relationships come to an impasse because God is ready for you to meet the person you're supposed to be with. That relationship could be like a waiting room, where you're waiting for your name to be called.

13 December 2013

Moving it along

I feel like the world is running circles around me. People are living their lives and only stopping occasionally when they need something from me.
I wish they would continue running. 

Question Of The Day

Do the good things you've done outweigh the bad things, or vice versa?

I'm Gonna Be Friends With Me

Friday Flashback

12 December 2013

Question of the day

Knowing what you know now, have you reached the time in your life when you’ve figured it out?

Those were the days

When I was younger, I took it upon myself to remind my sister when it was Mother’s Day, and when it was my mother’s birthday every year for about 15 years, which she appreciated because she could never remember them-

- until she got pregnant with my nephew and she informed my mom and myself that she was going to be a mother that year- and to please do not forget Mother’s day.

It was important that I did what was necessary to keep my mom happy.

I never reminded my sister of my birthday since she should always remember that it was 6 days after hers. But she always forgot. It took me 10 more birthdays to start forgetting hers as well.

Everyone I have ever loved, I remember their birthdays. I even remember their kids’ birthdays. Some I commemorate, some I don’t.


With 2014 around the corner

                                                                   I vow to leave shade (and all of it's throwers) be


in 20


  No matter who you are.

11 December 2013


                                                          Don't apologize for loving and being loved.

I came across the above pic and  I was reminded of a friend I have named Eriq that we call E. He's from Laos. Pretty cool guy. Single. We talk about women alot. Most of my  Asian friends- if they don't want Asian women, they tend to crave blonde haired blue-eyed women. I always tell  E that I can't imagine him with that type of woman. I always tell him I imagine him with a sista. I hate the term swagger-but for lack of a better term, he has swagger. He obviously has a comfort level with black people.   Not that I want to shorten the dating pool of black women for me-he's younger than me, so his  proverbial pool of sistas would be younger than mine, but dude is so cool that I wish I could find a sista for him to consider dating--

While I'm trying to find one for me. 


              what's right, what's wrong, what's legal- the world is filled with people who decide things.

What do you want?

  •   to be loved
  •   to not be fucked with
  •   to have an additional $500 take-home pay per pay period
  •    to not be fucked with
  •   to stop worrying and leave it up to God for real
  •   to not be fucked with
  •   a suit by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen
  •   to not be fucked with
  •   to come to work and not want to snap a certain person's neck
  •   to not be fucked with
  •   to buy an apartment in Paris
  •   to not be fucked with
  •   to be loved
  & last but not least,      to not be fucked with.

is that too much to ask for?


These are pics of the apartment I rented in Fontenay Sus Bois, France.

Thanks AIR BNB !

10 December 2013

Old Habits

Today I did something I promised myself that I would never do again.

A friend was telling me he was flying to San Fransisco this weekend  to see his girlfriend, and just like the OLD Alieux, without thinking I said ; 'do you need a ride to and from the airport?' Completely forgetting that the last time I had flown out of town I had asked him to pick me up from the airport and he said he couldn't because he doesn't like to miss karaoke on thursday nights after work. This was after I helped him move, on a rainy day, when I was the only one of his friends to show up.
Right after I offered to be his taxi service I regretted it.  I was glad when he said he was leaving his car at the airport parking lot and didn't need a ride.

I'm trying to be selfish and to not be nice and to be an asshole, but its not in my nature. If someone needs assistance, I will offer my services without even thinking. I'm the same way at work. With my boss, I always want to be the person on which she relies. I may not get the raises that I deserve, but  It looks good on my  performance reviews when in every category she states that I Far Exceed Expectations.  Whenever I have interviews elsewhere, I will bring those reviews with me.

Hope you had a good day!

We all win

The peace we win when we stop fighting.

09 December 2013

House Cleaning

I'm making some changes. I'm cleaning house. Life is too short for me to hold on to things that are useless, things that serve no purpose.

And when I say things, I mean people. 

Being economical


08 December 2013

Jill Scott

                                            Everything ain't for everybody, but I try it anyway.

07 December 2013


                If you can't play the part, don't audition for the role. 

06 December 2013

My Musical CD Love Affairs

1. Prince - Sign O The Times
2. Michael Jackson- Off The Wall
3. Luther Vandross Never Too Much
4. New Edition- N E Heartbreak
5. Alexander ONeal-Alexander ONeal
6. Chante Moore- A Love Supreme
7. Prince-1999
8. Minnie Riperton- Minnie
9-Chante Moore-Precious
10- The Time- What Time Is It? & Janet Jackson-Control

Runners Up

1. Prince - Purple Rain
2- Michael Jackson- Thriller
3-Jody Watley- Jody Watley
4-Lauryn Hill-The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
5-Prince- Dirty Mind, and Prince
6-Rufus - Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan
7 Chic- Risque
8-Diana Ross- Diana
9-Madonna -Lucky Star
10-Marvin Gaye-Here My Dear

2nd Place

1. Foreigner - 4
2. David Bowie- Let's Dance
3. Tamara and The Seen-Tamara and The Seen
4. Lenny Kravitz- Let Love Rule
5. Hall & Oates- Greatest Hits
6. Doobie Brothers- Minute by Minute
7. Journey-Greatest Hits 
8. Jesse Johnson - Jesse Johnson's Revue
9. Shalamar-Three For Love
10. Karyn White- Karyn White

What are your favorites?

Question of the day

Will we ever again, in our lifetime, experience music as funky as George Clinton's Atomic Dog, Prince's DMSR, Jody Watley's Still A Thrill or D'angelo's The Line?

05 December 2013

a change of heart

                                             I've become the person I said I'd never be.

                         (I didn't say it was a bad thing)

04 December 2013

Just asking

                                                                    R u as good 2 u as u  r  2 your family & friends?

i thought u wuz real

i thought u wuz real.
I thought u
    were the fulfillment of my hopes and dreams
but it turned out
you were not what you seamed.
i thought u wuz real.

The Story of Me

I was born of struggle and I will die of struggle and in between I will continue to look for the reason God wanted me to occur while refusing to sink.

i think it was december

i think it was december;
there was a cold wisconsin wind
your love, i can remember
welcomed me like an old friend.

i remember it being cold,
‘cause we skated on the lake.
(the secrets that we told,
the love we used to make

the secrets that we shared
each filled with a kiss.
a love beyond compare;
that i truly miss)

on the first day the robins sang
God took you away.
now everytime i hear one sing,
i think of that day.

sure as there are stars above,
as far as i can remember,
i have never felt so loved.
i think it was december.

-- alexgeorge

03 December 2013

Just a thought

I just realized, I have 4 black friends in Brisbane Queensland, 1 black friend in Perth, and 2 black friends in Sydney. I know more black people in Australia than in the state of Oregon, and I live here in Oregon. And I hear from my friends in Australia more often than the 2 who live about 40 minutes away from me.

Song in my head