22 November 2013

T, as in trifling

In our breakroom we have 2 kitchen sinks, and about 4 full bottles of palmolive dishwashing liquid. In the sink there are 3 dirty coffee cups and about 8 dirty utensils and 2 dirty plates. None were mine. I have good home-training. My sister and I washed every dish and swept and mopped the kitchen floor. We kept the kitchen ( and bathroom) spotless and we only had to be told once to do it. It was the same at our grandfather’s place; he did all the cooking, and it was our job to get that kitchen clean after we ate. There’s also a fully functional dishwashing machine that the evening maintenance people turn on every evening. The machine washes the same dishes every night because no one unloads the machine, and those that put their dishes in the sink don’t seem to have the time ( or brain power) necessary to open the dishwasher, to put their clean dishes away, and put their dirty dishes inside. Approximately 100 or more people use this particular breakroom Today, as usual, about 10 am I’ll get my second 32 oz glass of water and make a cup of tea. There were about 7 people in the break room getting coffee, eating something, using, or waiting to use the microwave, and they were complaining about how trifling people are, regarding not washing their dishes. People complain about these trifling people every day I go in the breakroom. They were going on and on about it. So today, while waiting for my tea to brew, I unloaded the dishwasher and put the dirty dishes inside, and I cleaned the kitchen sinks and countertop. Everyone stopped complaining. I’m only going to do that today. I may ask the secretary on our floor to post a sign asking people to stop being so f*****g lazy and trifling and clean up after themselves. There’s no excuse. Which reminds me of a commercial I once saw when I was a kid. It must have been when I was really young because it was in black& white- maybe before there were color tvs. Anyway- there were 4 people looking down at a crumpled piece of paper on the ground. They were complaining about people littering. As they were looking and complaining, a boy walked by. He walked through the group of people, picked up the crumpled paper, put it in the trash bin which was about 6 inches away from them, and he walked away. Then the people stopped complaining. They looked up, and walked away. And so, what is the message I’m trying to convey?

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