18 November 2013

Question of the day

              Why is it that people use Facebook to insult strangers who don't share their opinions? It's so strange to me.  Someone posted an article about Malcolm Lee not liking Tyler Perry.

               My response was that I cosigned with him, then someone that I don't even know says:

               I will never put down another person of color to come up. It shows weakness. Especially when one is employing so many!

               I didn't respond because I don't use Facebook to argue, especially not with strangers.  I am entitled to my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but calling them weak for not sharing their opinion is totally unnecessary and it's immature. Am I supposed to like every black person coming up? Am I supposed to like  Herman Cain or Alen Keyes, or Michael Steele, or Allen West, or Clarence Thomas?
              Besides, KFC, McDonalds and WalMart employes alot of black folk, but I wouldn't necessarily be proud of that.

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