12 July 2013

There goes the neighborhood

So this morning as I was taking the garbage containers to the curb just before leaving the house to go to work , my new neighbor, this older lady, sees me as she leaves her house and she approaches me. She says:
" Looking through the trash? Do you need a meal?"
Me - "No. I live here. Hi, my name is Alieux."
Older lady- “You do? Since when?”
Me- “Almost 6 years.”
Older lady - “ I didn’t know-“
Me- “Didn’t know what?”
Older lady, looking nervous – “well, it’s so quiet. I’ve been here for a month now and I haven’t heard any loud rap music or bass through the walls or coming from any cars. You must work the night shift.”
Me- “ OMG, the last thing I need is a stupid old racist living right next door to me.”
Older lady- “I’m not racist. I love you people. I hear about you on the news all the time but I never lived next door to one.”
I really struggle to be respectful to the elderly, and so I left before sinking down to her level and verbally tearing her to shreds.

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