02 July 2013

Back down memory lane

    "In some ways it's difficult for some people to understand what they haven't lived through." 

 I came across an old Phil Donahue clip where Christina Crawford was a guest and an audience member asked if her siblings felt the same way about their mother Joan Crawford that she did. That comment reminded me of my sister and myself and our relationship with my father ( who I discovered was not my father). As far as I was concerned, the man that my sister idolized as if he was the second coming, was a giant monster. And my sister and I, though we love each other, our childhood  memories are as different as night and day. That's because she was oblivious to his mistreatment of me, and when my mother and I have gone down memory lane to talk about the things he's done to me, my sister has a completely different memory of what occurred. And she doesn't like us talking negatively about him. So we don't.

Not in her presence.



Moanerplicity said...

Mofos/abusers/evil-doers are monsters & monsters are often shape-shifters. That is why they can & often do slyly get away w/ murder... if not of the body, then a murder of the spirit.

But Karma... much like God... don't like ugly.

Remain inside your strength, man.



Alieux (Daij) said...

Love your comment, moanerplicity. Thank you, man.