30 June 2013

Come to think of it

Paula Deen deserves to be called out, but Antonin Scalia is on a whole other level. He is a dangerous man with way too much influence due to his lifetime appointment to the bench. He needs to be impeached. He is not suited for his role as a justice of anything. He's a fascist and a poor excuse for an American. His constitution says whatever he wants to make up in the moment. What happened with the Voting Rights act has got very little coverage and neither has the direct impact where states which previously had their unconstitutional voter laws struck down, are now literally tripping over themselves to re-enact them. People, the GOP are trying to steal the election and only YOU have the power to make sure this does not happen because the highest law of the land just stuck two fingers up at democracy with this ruling.

A Halle a day

(won't keep me away)

27 June 2013

-About Love

You wouldn't believe what some people would do to be loved. Sometimes you might feel like you're alone, a little lost, but what's so great about being truly loved, is that you're never alone. You'll never be lost. You can always find your way home. At least, that's how I feel.

25 June 2013

What had to be said

I am SO tired of pretentious "Christians" saying "hate the sin not the sinner." Well guess what, here's a new one for you- "hate the beliefs not the believer." Get out of here with that anti-Christian, non-biblical, non- existent saying. Isn't one of the greatest commandments to love one another as Jesus has loved you? The hypocrisy coming out from the conservative religious right today is astonishing.

That is all.

20 June 2013

User Friendly

--and when you're done,
put me back; high up
on the shelf of things you don’t need. of things out of reach. of things not to throwaway though, because there may come another time when you
might need someone strong and reliable to do the heavy lifting
(        give good  references,
 help you  carry items from IKEA to load up in your truck, help you move, pick you up from the airport, write a poem or bake a cake for someone who doesn't seem to like me, take you to the grocery store and what not
.then remember where you left me and why you put me there. remember that I exist. retrieve me. take me off the shelf . brush away the dust.
remove any rust.
check to see if the necessary parts are still working.
ask me to do you a favor.
tell me how good a friend I am.
then put me back on the  shelf.
when you're done using me.
high up on the shelf.
high enough that you forget that I exist

until the next time you need me again. 

And one day I will have learned to say no.
that is all.
-alieux george

19 June 2013


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