21 May 2013

The Song My Heart Sings

Love came looking.

& it found me,

In the form of you,


exactly what I asked for

- ) .

It’s you,

the one God has designed

just for me.

this I know;

we are so synchronized.

there is no doubt

While going on with our daily lives

becoming familiar with each other

It’s as if our hearts were being carefully,

meticulously calibrated.

eventually we both noticed-

we both realized

we couldn’t deny

our heartbeats had become unified:

the same beat.

the same sound.

the same ebb and flow,

like the different vocal sections of a choir;

the tenor.

the bass.

the alto.

the soprano


with the proper placement of notes

little by little

coming together to create music-

a song only we can sing

because only we know both the words and the harmony .


Yes, we-

You and I.

You are my love. The song my heart sings.

You make my life better

Just by being in it.

And who am I

(to be blessed by God )

to be loved by someone like you?

I’m no one special ,

But that’s how you make me feel ,


For you are the manifestation of everything I dreamed


and prayed for in a mate

someone to hold my hand through this journey,

this thing called life.

Dear God,

I asked of you,

and You answered.

Thank you.

--Alieux D. Casey-George

I was asked to compose a poem as a gift for a wedding this weekend. This is the result.


Don said...

Boss prose and perfect for the exchanging of vows. I dig were you spoke of the man and woman being synchronized. I envisioned the intimacy.

Good work, bro.

Kandia said...

Very nice....beautiful.