09 April 2013

See, what had happened was...

i thought she was capable of being loved, and so i fell for her (not because she was capable, but because it occurred and i couldn't find a reason not to love her), but it was too early to let her know, so i behaved as one does when they're in love, and it was her birthday, and she loves nutella and her daughter thought it would be nice to bake a cake for her so i had her  help me make my famous hazelnut fudge marble cake with the nutella, and that was all i got because it was too early for a serious present, and she told me that after the birth of her daughter that day was the happiest because no one ever baked her a cake before not even her mother and she had tears in her eyes and all her sisters were there for the surprise party and they all loved it and begged me to bake their own cake and she dumped me because it was obvious that i was a good man and would be a good father and that i deserved to be with someone who could love me (i've heard this a million and two times) and she was only capable of loving the father of her daughter who is in prison in idaho , servicing a life sentence for kidnap, rape, torture, and murder- and now is up for parole, but i got 5  cake orders that were already paid for, for fifty dollars a piece. in cash. but i'd rather have love and the whole nine yards. 

one day i'll get it right. only God knows why this is happening.

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