27 March 2013

Don't just say it. Be about it.

Someone, for the past year was telling me about how helpful a younger neighbor has been to her over the years. She's an older lady who has lots of aches and pains. When this neighbor sees her trying to mow the lawn, the neighbor insists that she mow it for her. She even shovels her snow, and when she sees her carrying her groceries from the car, she helps the older lady. This older lady told me how kind and helpful the neighbor is to her. Then early one morning, she looked out the window and saw the neighbor  embrace another woman and kissed her on the mouth before the woman got in her car and drove off.   All of a sudden the neighbor was enemy number 1; the older woman wanted nothing to do with her. She started being unfriendly towards her and was talking to me about the neighbor as if expecting me to jump on her gay-hating bandwagon. This conversation surprised me because this older woman is supposed to be a Christian. I told her; "She was nice to you and she helped you, out of the goodness of  her heart for years."  For once, I was able to educate her regarding the teachings of Jesus Christ:

"I would like to think that on Judgment Day,  God won't judge you based on what your neighbors do or who they sleep with or who they love. I believe, with every fiber of my being, that  God will judge you based on how you treated them.   Isn't that the sign of a true Christian? To treat people the way you would want to be treated? Plain and simple."

And for once in her life, she was speechless, and then she changed the subject.

Translation- she knew I was right. 

I am a proud Christian, and I don't judge because it's not my job. It's God's job. Jesus is all about love  and respect and empathy, and extending kindness and compassion to all.  I want to be about love.  I'm pretty sure that your religion is based on love as well. Even as an atheist- extending a kindness towards others should go without saying.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox! I never want to sound preachy, but I had to dictate what God put on my heart to say.

God Bless!


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