14 February 2013


LUXURY   When Love Calls

we know the answer
love is the question
we always wonder about.
we go about our daily lives
consciously (and subconsciously)
wondering why we breathe.
within the confines of our brain:
a reason
for what the heart already knows:
why it flutters
with the mere mention of one’s name.
why the skin tingles
with the slightest touch.
why our eyes can see the sun shining-
even though it’s raining.
why nothing else
seems to matter as much
it is love:
and that is the easy part
we all have loved
but loving and being loved—
that is luxury.
thought it is free.
we can not buy it
we can not sell it.
we are lucky to have it call our name. 

l o v e.

--Alieux D. Casey-George

1 comment:

Don said...

Good stuff, Daij.

we can not buy it

As I always like to say, your quote reminds me of just how powerful Love is. It might be the ONLY thing in the world that cannot be bought.