15 February 2013

Thinking no one was around

A few minutes ago, someone in upper management was really rude to me. I asked him a simple question and his response was short and rude.  Normally this person has nothing  to say to me unless it's work-related, though he can socialize with  every one else around me. Apparently, he thought I was alone in the department when someone who overheard the conversation said aloud  " name of person, that was really rude!"   His reply was " I didn't know you were over there."

This blog entry is vaguely written, as some employees in different departments of the company know that I have a blog, so I didn't want to be specific.

Suffice it to say, apparently this person, thinking I was alone in the department, thought he could get away with being as  rude as he wished.

I'm praying over it. 

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