26 November 2012

If, then (at your funeral)

Oscar Wilde's grave, Pere LaChaise Cemetery, Paris France
At your funeral, if you want people to say you were a good man/woman,
           then be a good person.
If you want people to speak of  how you helped them when they really needed your help,
           then be helpful.
If you want the funeral pews to be filled with people who loved you and had plenty of good testimonies of your kindness and your sense of humor,
           then act accordingly.
If you want your kids to recall many wonderful experiences and not be hard-pressed to find one good thing to say about you,
           then be a good dad.

But if  you want the funeral pews to be empty with the exception of  the pastor and your spouse who might be the only one tolerant of your behavior and made excuses for you , then  be the opposite.

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