09 September 2012

This time it's Seal

Buffalo NBC affiliate  WGRZ has issued an apology after mistakenly airing photos of musician Seal while reporting on the death of Michael Clarke Duncan on Monday evening. The station reported on Duncan’s death during Monday’s 11 p.m. newscast. During the segment, a short video of Duncan at various red carpet events aired; toward the tail end of the story, the clip switched to still photos, which were all of Seal.
A statement posted on the WGRZ Facebook reads:
Yep; our bad; we own it. A careless editing error at the end of the Michael Clarke Duncan story in our 11pm news. Two entertainment stories accidentally merged into one video clip. Sincere apologies.

--courtesty filmdrunk.com

  Wow. Just... wow


Reggie said...

Now they should know very well that few people in the world are as ugly as Seal.

I guess we all still look alike.

Daij said...

LOL Reggie, you wrong for that! yeah they think we do. But we don't.