17 September 2012

The right place, the right people, the right time

"life doesn't give you the people you want. it gives you the people you need. to help you. to hurt you. to love you. to leave you. and to make you into the person you were meant to be."
                 - anonymous

 Right after 9 11 when I worked in DC, I had started dating Shakara. I had a good friend named Henry at the time. As a result of 9 11, my company lost alot of business (some of the companies we consulted were housed in the Twin Towers)  and a lot of us were fired. I didn't want Shakara to know I didn't have a job, and unemployment wasn't going to cover my place. At the same time, Henry's girlfriend kicked him out of her apartment, so  before I asked him to move in to the guest room, he had asked me to do just that. And he paid about 60% of the rent. So I collected unemployment and  I cooked dinner and baked for my neighbors and I drove Henry to and from work so that I could use his car for job-hunting and for my dates with Shakara.  I had managed to date Shakara for 2 yrs without her knowing I was unemployed. She was disappointed that I hadn't told her but impressed that I managed to date her without ever having her pay for anything. Henry was a big help to me. When a recruiter got me a job back in Milwaukee, Shakara moved there with me. Henry paid 50% of the moving expenses.  I never heard from him again. I've tried to connect with him on Facebook to say thanks and to pay him back but can't get a hold of him.

When I  saw that above quote I was reminded of my friend Henry. His friendship came at the right time, and though I intend for good friendships to last forever, it seemed to end at what God might have determined to be the right time.

God is  good God.


Queen of My Castle said...

Wow, what a nice story. Things happen the way they are supposed to I assume.

Daij said...

Thanks Queen. Every now and then I wonder what happens to people but I remember that some friends are for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.