11 September 2012

The 11th Anniversary of 9/11

On every anniversary of 9/11, two light beams representing the Twin Towers are blasted into the night sky over downtown Manhattan.


Reggie said...

I'm sure for our generation where you were on 9/11 is equivalent to previous generations where were you when JFK was assassinated or when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

Daij said...

That's true. I had turned 1 the week before JFK's assassination. And I worked in Dc during 9 11. I remember walking in to my office and hearing that a plane hit one of the Towers. Like everybody else I thought it was an accident. Then I went to get coffee and I returned to my office and found out the second Tower was hit, and that the Pentagon ( 4 blocks away from my gym) was hit. I realized this was not an accident. And we would never be the same