27 September 2012

‘Offensive’ Obama photos pulled from Virginia GOP county committee Facebook page

A tiny Republican Party unit in southside Virginia appears to have given in to state GOP leaders’ demands that it remove “offensive” photos of President Obama from its Facebook page.

R. Wallace “Wally” Hudson, chairman of the Mecklenburg County Republican Committee, had vowed on Tuesday to ignore calls from the Republican Party of Virginia to take down doctored photos portraying Obama as a witch doctor, caveman and thug. He defended the images as harmless spoofs — and as a matter of free speech.
State party Chairman Pat Mullins had strongly condemned the photos, saying that posting them on the unit’s Web site was “unacceptable behavior from any local unit associated with our party.” The matter appeared to be at a stalemate Wednesday, when the pictures remained on the site for most of the day. At some point that day, the witch doctor photo was yanked, but the others were still up.
But by Thursday morning, all of three images had been removed and about 100 new, less controversial images had been added to the site. By afternoon, the site was “temporarily unavailable.”
Hudson and state party officials declined to comment.

--courtesy, The Washington Post

Excuse my french, but fuck freedom of speech. This is some bullshit

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Reggie said...

The thing that amazes me about some of these people is that when they do something like this they just won't be honest about it.
They're quick to tout their "freedoms", but they never feel free enough to say what they really think. They are afraid that if they do they will have crossed the line and their state and national party are afraid that will cost them votes. We live in a free society so if they want to say that they are racists and they don't believe that Barack Obama should be president because of the color of his skin, then they should be able to say that. Instead they do this bullshit. I would feel better if they just went ahead and exercised some of those freedoms to say what they really think.