11 September 2012

I'm not the one.

4:00 PM

So,  I'm coming from the cafeteria after getting a pre-workout snack at work and  I'm heading towards the scanner, past security, saying hello as I pass,  with my Id,  and  I see a woman  who had just walked in the door. So as I head towards the door, thinking she would hold it for me, she looks at me and physically pulls the door shut. And walks away. I'm about 6 feet away. Yes she did ( probably thinking, let me get this door shut so this nigger can't get in).   So I scanned my card and the door opened. I rushed pass the door to make sure I caught up with the heifer woman before she got in the elevator. I told her, "Thanks for physically pulling the door shut to keep me from entering."
The heifer woman said,  "I didn't see your Id."
And I said, " You mean this Id that I've had in my hand since I left the cafeteria?  No one gets past security without showing Id. Besides, you're supposed to ask to see Id if you don't see it and someone's trying to get inside.
The heifer woman  didn't say anything.  She didn't even get in the elevator. I walked past her and in the elevator as she stood there, like a deer in the headlights.

I guess she was shocked I spoke up. And probably scared to get in the elevator with me. 

I am not the one.
And I have never been the one
I have absolutely zero tolerance for rudeness. I am not the confrontational type, but if you're rude to me, you will be called on it. 


Don said...

That's bad, but it's something that I'm sure the majority deals with as far as people's ignorance. Knowing myself, I would've awaited her the next day and did the exact same thing in exchange and smiled the entire time.

Let them taste their own medicine.

Daij said...

I've never seen her before, though. And I couldn't do that. I try not to resort to people's levels.