02 August 2012

Go Gabby Go!

16-year old Gabby Douglas has just made history, winning the most coveted hue of all, Olympic gold. Gabby Douglas is the first African-American to win the all-around title, and the fourth U.S. gymnast to win the title in history. She says that Dominique Dawes, who won in 1996, is her inspiration.

The U.S. women looked strong on their way to leading the qualifying rounds. But, shockingly,  Jordyn Wieber failed to qualify for the all-around final.  Jordyn Wieber, America’s National and World Champion, was one of the favorites to win the biggest prize of all  in London. Gabby wasn't even supposed to lead the Women's team.

See what happens when people underestimate you?

I see this story and I am imagining little black girls smiling and dreaming and wanting to follow in her footsteps.

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