20 August 2012

Dead @ American Idol

I've watched every single episode of this popularity (under the guise of singing) competition.  I've even voted, and the shows have been topics of discussion between my boss and myself  the morning after the show, for years; one of a few things we've bonded over. I've endured the mediocre singers chosen as judges ( Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez). I've even endured the celebrity judges that used the show to bring their singing careers back from the dead, only to quit once they've used the show to successfully sell music and books ( Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler), but having Nicki Minaj as a judge?  That's where I draw the line. I don't even watch her on anything else. I'm not going to tolerate her on American Idol. Not on my tv screen. That'll give me an extra 2-4 hours a week to write.   Mariah Carey makes sense. She's an excellent singer, and she even writes alot of her music.
American Idol, in trying to increase the ratings, is grasping at straws.What demographic are they trying to get now?
Put this in a blog entry list of things that make no sense.

(glad I got that off my chest)

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Reggie said...

I know on some level she's talented, but I just don't get her style.