21 August 2012

BE ( Basement Elevation )

When you stop trying so hard, bending over backwards to be liked and just be yourself, you will be amazed at who includes you in the important events of their lives, and at those who show indifference.   Those who show indifference are the ones whom you shouldn't have been hanging out with in the first place.  Their lack of connecting with you shows they could care less if you lived or died. They don't care if they never hear from you again. And you can tell.  If' you're the one who has to initiate the communication,  then stop calling,  or emailing,  or texting,   or facebook-messaging those people. 
Who will be the first to want to know how come they haven't heard from you?  Who will be the last? Who will never contact you again?  I've done this, and I'll tell you, there's been a significant decrease in my phone usage, and I'm saving money. And time.

If you love yourself enough, you will care less about who you are to others and more about who you are to yourself.


That used to be my problem, but not anymore. 

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