23 July 2012

On today,

 in 1984,

Vanessa Williams, the very first Black woman to be crowned Miss America, had to  relinquish her crown because of questionable ( read s & m ) photographs to Suzette Charles, who was the runner up.

Earlier that year,the two judged the  most beautiful, most qualified candidates for the crown, were black women. Both were light-skinned, but black women, nevertheless. Never before has this ever occurred in the history of the pageant.

And it hasn't happened since. And will probably never happen again.

We all know that Vanessa Williams didn't shrivel up and die, fading into oblivion. She went on to record, star in movies, Broadway and television, and is very well respected in Hollywood circles. ABC is even working on a televison project following the series finale of Desperate Housewives.

  By the way, whatever happened to Suzette Charles?


Wonder Man said...

yes, Vanessa!

Reggie said...

I believe that my wife is the most beautiful woman that I've ever laid eyes on. However......I've had a serious crush on Vanessa Williams for 30 years.

...damn, has it been that long?!?