19 July 2012

Love 2 love

I love love, and the idea of it. I love seeing this couple love on each other. I can’t remember any of our past Presidents and First Lady’s ever showing affection. Not even the holding of hands. The chemistry between President Obama and The First Lady Michelle Obama is so strong that even when they’re not touching, you can tell that they can’t want to be alone.

I remember as a child, I so desperately wanted my mother to go out on dates…I wanted a father to do father and son things with , but also, I guess I was in love with the idea of love as a child. I wanted to see my mother be loved the way The First Lady is loved. I wanted someone to look at my mother the way The President looks at his wife.

I'm sure the bottom picture is in my blog a few dozen times.  Every time I come across this picture, it makes me smile. I love how he loves her.

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Reggie said...

Anyone who sees them together would know that there is love there.