19 June 2012

Bone Appetit

I would say that cooking and baking came naturally. My grandfather was a chef in the military, and when my mother grew up she never learned to cook. And when I was growing up I learned to cook from watching my grandfather. 
The Panty Dropper
Mostly I've baked alot of cakes over the years and all without recipes, so when women at my job beg me for recipes, I can honestly say that the recipes are all in my head. When I shop for ingredients for cakes, I get whatever I have a taste for.  To reiterate, I've baked alot of cakes over the years, but this one here, I've baked for a party the Sales Dept had for Cinco De Mayo.    It's a White Chocolate Kahlua Cake  with a Rum Tequila Buttercreme frosting. The Tequila because it's Mexican. To say that it was a hit was an understatement; the department took to it like a bunch of pirahna to a piece of raw meat. It was great for my ego. I'm shy about alot of things, but not when it comes to cooking and baking.  I love baking so much that I would do it for free. Anyway,  I received the best compliment of all when someone asked me about the cake:

 woman:  Alieux, I bet your girlfriend loves when you cook, especially when you bake.
 me:         I'm single, unfortunately.
 woman : I don't see why. The next time you have a date, be sure to bake this cake. This cake here is a guaranted panty- dropper, for real.

I couldn't believe she said that. 

She said this loud enough for everyone to hear.  I was very flattered, but I didn't know how to respond , so I just smiled and said thanks.  She did have me thinking about making this cake again, and having a slice or two in the fridge available for future dates. The woman with the compliments was attractive, but married.  Then rumour had spread about me and this particular cake. Women  at work who normally  have treated me like I was invisible  began talking to me, and asking about this panty dropper they've heard so much about.  Anyway, I'm bringing this up now because 3 hours ago someone from the Sales department called, begging for a slice of this cake. Yes, I  just got done icing it and am waiting for her to come pick it up. I charged her $55 for it since it was so last minute and she offered to pay $25 for it. I knew I could ask for more.
I think I'm going to bake another, just to be prepared.


Reggie said...

Cake looks tasty.

Daij said...

Yes it was.

Don said...

Rum Tequila Frosting. I wonder how that tastes.

Looks like you could open your own bakery, Daij. I didn't know cakes garnered those many dollars. Impressive.

Daij said...

Thanks Don. I'm the only person in the Underwriting that gets invited to the Sales Departments, social functions. I baked a cake last year for cinco de mayo white chocolate cake with tequila frosting and the same people had been begging for it this year. This time I had some Kahlua left over at home and decided it might taste good in a cake. And they loved it.

yeah, my two passions are writing and baking. I'd do them for free if I could. It's like breathing. Money is a fringe benefit. I envision my grandfather smiling at me everytime someone enjoys what I've baked.

Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

Looks first-rate.