22 December 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

  Much respect to the First Lady, first of all. There is NOTHING wrong with this picture, at all.
  Republican Lawmaker Caught Bad Mouthing Michelle Obama’s Butt

We know it’s election season when a story crosses our path in which a political party member is being called out for butt discussion. That’s what happened this week when Republican Jim Sensenbrenner was overheard commenting about the size of first lady Michelle Obama’s butt during a loud conversation in an airport lounge.
The Wisconsin Republican was talking about buying some “crap” at a church auction when he was approached by a female who praised the first lady. According to Fishbowl DC Sensenbrenner then commend that the first lady should practice what she likes to preach because ”she lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself.”
The Rep. lawmaker was referring to Michele Obama’s “healthy-food initiative” says one of his aides. According to his staffer:
He doesn’t think the government should be telling Americans what to eat. While he may not agree with all of her initiatives, he plans to contact the First Lady’s office to apologize for his comments.”
Sensenbrenner says he will offer a formal apology to the first lady.
In the meantime perhaps he should remember that “when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung.”
Seriously though, is this what our political system has become? Apologies for butt jokes about the First Lady? I’m more interested in knowing what “crap” he bought from the church auction to be quite honest.

courtesy-the inquisitr.com

To reiterate, what is wrong with this picture?  He's so used to flat asses that he can't appreciate the curves sistas are known to have.  Let me add--President is a lucky man. Not only is our First Lady attractive, but she is blessed with intelligence and ability.  Also, what kind of man publicly  critiques another mans wife, and in public?


Jetaime said...

A real man would never comment about another man's wife and her body parts, in public. They obviously need more sistas in Wisconsin. Mrs. Obama looks fine to me.

Daij said...

Jetaime, she looks fine to me, in every angle. There are plenty sisters in Wisconsin. Just none in his part of the world.

Reggie said...

A real man might comment about another's man's wife's ass....but he'd be discreet enough not to get busted about it. I don't have a problem with Michelle Obama's ass.

Looks good to me.

I've never understood why my Caucasian brothers are in love with pancake booty. A booty like Michelle's will sell when bread don't.

Don said...

Republican Jim Sensenbrenner is a professional fidget and doesn't even realize the fact that he is. More than likely Jim has a small penis.