20 December 2011

Things I don't understand

  •    Why white people need to assemble in stores or malls to do a flashmob and dance or sing.
  •    People who have no problem engaging in loud full-scale phone conversations on a crowded bus or train.
  •    Why Wendy Williams' tv show is so successful when she was so rude on her radio show
  •    Why this Barbadian native is being slept on when Rihanna is all over the place.
  •    Why white women on the train or bus keep asking me to stop looking so angry.
  •     The attention America gives British royalty
  •    Today  a 50- something year old black guy wearing jeans fastened with a belt just below his entire ass in which he wore Charlie Brown boxers, decided he needed to tell me about Jesus.
  •    That the Kardashians decided they needed to "release" a family Christmas card. In 3-D.
  •    What's taking Missy Elliott and D'Angelo so long to put out new music.
  •    Why people love to take but hate to give.
  •    How the North Koreans can pretend to be in mourning after the death of their dictator who caused them to starve. They don't even have electricity (as seen from the satellite image below).

1 comment:

Don said...


White women always feeling threatened.

You and me both cannot understand Wendy Williams's appeal.

Co-sign people who love to take, but hate to give.

North Korea might have escaped something of an anti-Christ in Jong's death. Seriously.

I really believe there is a connection between secret societies and the British.