26 December 2011


                           Find out who you are and do it on purpose.
                                 --Dolly Parton

       i resolve

  •        to treat everyone the exact same way they have treated me.
  •        to be selfish; to put my needs first as opposed to last.
  •        to purge my facebook of every one who obviously friended me just to increase their number of friends.
  •        to do nothing out of the goodness of my heart for anyone who has taken me for granted.
  •        to not be a victim any more.
  •        to have a back up plan for every contingency.
  •        to travel abroad once a year starting this year.
  •        to stop finding fault with myself and to love myself.
  •        to get published.
  •        to say no and feel good about it.
  •        to purge people from my life who are bitter albatrosses.
  •        to concern myself more with what people do rather than they say.
  •        to stop looking for my wife and to enjoy life and to let her look for me.
starting right now.
the end.

(I'll look back at this blog entry every once in while to see how I'm doing)



BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Excellent list to go by!

25champ said...

Great list! gives me a idea for a future post :)

Don said...

You and both know that you've a good heart, Daij.

But this list makes perfect sense for those who seek to take advantage of your good heart.

Well said.