24 November 2011

what some people forget /ignore

During an interview on  Today in 2003, with the author of a book urging families to learn more about the history of Thanksgiving and to appreciate being American, NBC's Ann Curry countered: "You know there are some American Indians who feel that Thanksgiving should be a day of mourning not a day of celebration because of what happened to their people. So how do you want us to think about them?"

Edward Bleier , the author, responded, saying: "I wrote the history very carefully. It acknowledged the pilgrim's gratitude toward the American Indians, without whom there would have been no Thanksgiving.."


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Gratitude my butt,the pilgrims were the most ungrateful ingrates,who's offspring still carry their wickiness.

Daij said...

AMEN, Bigmac. Amen.

Reggie said...

The pilgrims did owe those Indians their gratitude. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Plymouth area was home to a nation of about 20,000. Can you even imagine what might have happened if they decided they didn't want them there? Can you imagine what might have happened if those Indians banded together and strived to keep any Europeans out of the Americas?

What I've learned about man is that he is evil........not all men, but too damned many to ignore the facts. There is evil all around us and apparently within us too.

Daij said...

I agree, reggie