30 November 2011

loving u is like a revolution

(within me

                          ) a change
i can feel
but i can’t see
a movement
a revival of sorts;
slowly bringing back to life something I thought was dead
or unused for so long that it had closed up

loving you is like a revolution
a spinning around in my head
a new heart
to replace the old one that had hardened
from prolonged exposure to the cold, lies, bullshit, and the lack of appreciation.
and suddenly I’m loving what I used to hate
and hating what I used to love
I don’t care that I’m wearing clothes I don’t like, obviously,
or spending hours with you at the mall
or going to your church
because I’m with you and loving you.
what am I doing,
and who is this person that made this new change?
this is not like me;
what is happening?
I know what it is….

I’m being loved and cherished and appreciated and respected in return!




Don said...

Good prose.

Sounds like one of those times where change is appreciated.

Daij said...

thank you Don

Moanerplicity said...

Wow! Very, VURRRR well-stated!


Daij said...

@ Moanerplicity, thanks!