19 August 2011

On today,

in  1791

Benjamin Banneker writes letter to then secretary of state Thomas Jefferson. The letter showed the hypocrisy of slavery. Banneker challenged the idea of freedom for whites as the ascribed it to be the same freedom that should be granted to Africans.

in 1950
Edith Sampson is the first African American appointed as a representative to the UN.

in 1954 
Ralph J.Bunche named undersecretary of the United Nations.

in 1958 
Members of NAACP Youth Council began series of sit-ins at Oklahoma City Lunch counters.

and in 1989  
Defying apartheid laws, Bishop Desmond Tutu walks alone on a South African beach, 1989

--courtesy  Blackfacts.com


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

The elementary school I attended was named after Mr.Banneker,funny thing when I think about those days,I don't remember he being celebrated by school officals.

Daij said...

@ Bigmac, I'm not surprised.