18 May 2011

My response to Dr Satoshi Kanazawa's racist comments about black women, Pt 2

Selita Ebanks

Yaya DaCosta
Kenya Moore

Julia Pace

First Lady, Michelle Obama

Naomi Campbell

Diana Ross

Diahann Carroll

Taraji P Henson

Queen Latifah
  I intentionally chose dark-skinned women for this blog entry to prove a point. Neither accept nor allow anyone to feed us their image of beauty. We know who we are. We know how beautiful we are. Nothing more to say.

Meagan Good


Anonymous said...

You know what is so funny about this so called professor.
Asian men are not populair amongst women of almost any race.
There are a lot of myths surrounding them. They are little shaped etc.
If you go to a country like Thailand. Many men are transexuals.
Because people are interested in the females not in the malees.
So the investigation of this profesor than would suggest that Asian men are ugly too, and les attractive then men of other races.
Ignorant people are everywhere.

Daij said...

In Portland, ironically, the majority of my friends are Asian males, and the majority of them are dating black women! Beautiful, sweet, kind, and dark-skinned black women. I'm glad to know that not all Asian men share this psychologist's sentiment, which to me, seems to be based not on research but his racist opinion. Interesting that his 'discovery finds black men the most attractive. Gay much?

25champ said...

RT! :)they love our women 2..there still live in denial

Daij said...

true dat, @ 25 champ!