23 May 2011

Am I missing something?

*The N-word came up during a press junket held this week for “The Hangover Part II.”

Zack Galifianakis’ character Alan drops the racial epithet in the film, and fiercely defended it’s use – as did director Todd Phillips and co-screenwriter Craig Mazin – saying it underscores just how much of “an idiot” his character really is.
“For someone to say that word so cluelessly, it’s funny because it comes out of a place of ignorance,” Galifianakis explained. “And Alan doesn’t know any better; he’s just an idiot. Anyone who would say that so loosely is an idiot. That word can be very inflammatory but Alan is such a dimwit, it’s not excusable at all but you’re making fun of people that would say that word.”
Phillips chimed in: “For me it’s really an illustration of how left-footed Alan is with the world. It’s just what you do as writers, as a director, and as an actor. You exhibit these qualities and have certain tools with which to work. I think that moment there just highlights how out of step and out of rhythm he is.”
Mazin clarified the thought that went into it using such a controversial word: “You don’t casually type that one into a script.”
“The Hangover Part II,” this time set in Bankok, arrives in theaters May 26.

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The N-word and “humor” are wrapped together-being used in a “humorous” way again, or to indicate someone highly ignorant or out of step with contemporary mores? For real?
I have never used the word, and personally I find it offensive, but that's my opinion. I know that some black people find it okay. My mom uses that word about black people that she doesn't like. My nephew says 'nigga as a term of endearment for his closest friends. In my presence and his mom's, he refers to his friends as his friends. People who know me- they know not to even think the word ( except my mom- I'm not going to tell her what or what not to say) A white friend of over 10 yrs once, while in a drunken stupor, called me the N word- I forgave him but I ended the friendship immediately and permanently.
What is your opinion of the word?


Reggie said...

I rarely use the word and the people that know me, know not to use the word around me.

Yeah it's ignorant, but it's a part of our history, like it or not. When I say that, I'm talking about American history.

Reggie said...

I rarely use the word and the people that know me, know not to use the word around me.

Yeah it's ignorant, but it's a part of our history, like it or not. When I say that, I'm talking about American history.

Jetaime said...

I'll admit that my opinion of the N word is a bit twisted. I use the N word for black people who behave like the word. However, for me it’s more culturally acceptable to use it in that sense than it is a term of endearment. I think that people of other races feel comfortable using it because of the fact that we like to refer to the "endearment" defense. Growing up in the South, specifically Louisiana and Texas, it is hardly considered a term of endearment when someone who is not black calls you a N****r...PERIOD. I will never be comfortable being called a n****r by someone of another race, no matter the context. I understand why you don't like the word and I'll admit it is a vulgar word. I just wanted to explain why I use it and by no means am I excusing my actions.

Daij said...

@ Reggie & Jetaime, I know what you mean. I do cringe when I hear a black person use it, but it doesn't upset me as much as when someone outside of my raise uses it.

kenath1 said...

Well the opposite is true with me. I feel Blacks should only have the right to use the word. Recently a woman used the word in it's original context against me openly. I was really surprised that type of anger hatred ,and ignorance still exist today even though I grew up In he south.I maintained my composure, and expressed to her you can't make me ashamed of who I'am being a black man. hmamaintainedmaintained my ,an expressed to her you can't make me ashamed o who I'am

25champ said...

the N word really doesn't affect me anymore, because I'm at the point where I laugh at ignorance...but I do understand why it's offensive...my parents lived thru a time where the word was used only to belittle some1...not for terms of endearment...me I refuse to say my nig or nigga to referr to my friends...I'm from the hood but I choose not to be a hood rat no offense...America Knows exactly what's its doing....their conditioning the next generation to exept it....#CanYouSayHistoryRepeatingItself...except now we are allowing it smh

Wonder Man said...

I didn't know about this

Anonymous said...

The word has about as much power as you choose to give it. As soon as you stop fearing the word, it will cease to be frightening.