30 March 2011

Taking chances

If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.

Erica Jong

I have a friend who lives in Madison Wisconsin. Every mid- October she begins to dread the approaching winter thats around the corner, because as most people know, the midwest has harsh winters, every single winter. I hate snow, so I got out as soon as I could. Yes, I miss my mom, and my brother and sister and their families, and my closest friends, but I wasn't happy in that climate. I could have stayed there in my comfort zone, where everything was familiar,  but I had to take a risk when I sought, received and accepted an employment opportunity in Oregon. Yes, it rains and sprinkles  alot here, but I'll take rain anyday over snow. And my friend in  Madison still complains, while making no attempts to move away despite her siblings and even her parents who have moved to warmer climates.

Have you taken any risks?

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